It might be a bit noisy right next to the road, but honestly who cares when it’s a hot summer day and all you want to do is cool off. Our salt water pool will keep you cool and allow you to soak up that famous southwest sun.


With 8 burners and a full size fridge Motel Durango’s communal provides hostel users with space to spread their culinary wings. Whether you are cooking for just yourself or treating your entire trail family to an epic meal MD’s got you covered.


Motel Durango is proud to partner with the local coffee experts at Desert Sun. Start your day off with one of our three flavors of delicious organic brew. We also provide tea for those not wanting that morning cup of joe.
Flavor Offerings:

  • Rocket Fuel (Dark Italian roast that is strong and bold).
  • Mellow Morning (French roast full of flavor that you want to drink all day).
  • I Drink Coffee for the Taste (Decaf coffee with all the flavor but none of the kick).


Motel Durango has a couple areas to relax and create a plan of attack for your upcoming adventures. Whether in the lobby common areas, multiple breakfast nooks, or TV lounge room you will be able to find a place to relax, eat, or meet a fellow traveler.